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slavetodraco's Journal

*+: Dangerously Obsessed Felton/Malfoy Fans :+*
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Slave To Draco

Welcome all to the community that harbors large amounts of lust for that certain 15 year old that goes by the name of Felton, Tom Felton.

Feel free to join and don't be ashamed to admit your love/lust for this boy. I, the new owner, am 17 and I am proud to say I want this boy.

This community isn't just for fans of Tom Felton, it's for fans of Draco Malfoy all the same. Please don't stop yourself from sharing fanfiction links, or even your stories in posts. I love to read them and I am sure fellow members won't mind either.

I hope you guys have lots and lots of fun here. I want this to be a really fun comminity. So post it up!

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