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Harry Potter illustrations

I apologize for my posts from the format invasions
excuse, excuse, excuse! T_T
I hope that so is all right.

These are some of my fans art inspired to the world of Harry Potter, some you already post others no.I have now cancelled all the imieis post preceding, therefore secret some up to exhaustion (a post a day) and then footstep to the new and unpublished ones.( if you should have more equal posts among the pages of the friends, excuse but I belong to different communities.)They are sketches that have had since 3 a 5 years, I have begun them to do thin from the first time that the books of the Rowlling have read.
Some are inspired to the books of the Rowlling, others to fanfic of good Italian authors, and some are drawn by my fanfic that I will translate and I will post soon.
If you will see a transformation of the style of the line or the quality of the color and his/her layout, it depends on the age of the sketch; I have never dated them, therefore I don't remind me that year they have of precise... but the temporal arc is of 5 years.
I hope that you like.

You still excuse for the brought trouble and you have patience, I am not very experienced with internete and I know little the English,
I go a lot to instinct... you still excuse ^ _^'
a kiss, Dhesia.

snow medium: water-colour and pencil

Thoughtful Draco   medium: water-colour, china and pencil

Escape from Hogwarts  medium: water-colour, china and pencil

Lovers medium: medium: Water-colour, china, pencil

Confession #1 medium: water-colour, china and pencil

Sweet with surprise medium: water-colour, china and pencil

Draco and Harry #1 medium: water-colour, china and pencil

Draco and Harry #2      "                   "                       "

Balise Zabini and Lord Voldermort medium: water-colour, china and pencil

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